Sunday, 3 June 2007

Centrally Managed TNSNAMES and SQLNET

For a while now I have had 3 Oracle Homes on my Laptop (Database, 10gIDS and 10gBI Tools) and several more on my server at home. It annoyed me that every visit to a new client site requried configuring multiple tnsname entries in all the Client Side apps.

A collegue at work demonstrated how to centrally manage your tnsnames so that all client apps use the same file.

Simply save your tnsnames and sqlnet files into a directory on your server (d:\My Documents\TNSNAMES)

Change the tnsnames and sqlnet entries in all the clients to:

ifile = d:\My Documents\TNSNAMES\tnsnames.ora
ifile= D:\My Documents\TNSNAMES\sqlnet.ora

And there you go, any changes to the centrally manages tnsnames / sqlnet files will be visible by all client apps pointed to use them.

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PaweĊ‚ Barut said...

Personally I prefer setting up TNS_AMDIN in registry (on Windows) or in environment (unix'es) to point to directory where network configuration files are stored. One place for all oracle homes and it can point to network drive too.