Friday, 28 March 2008

Multiple Interactive Reports on One Page

If you have been using Interactive Reports since Apex 3.1 landed, you are probably as impressed with them as I am.

The other day I tried to create more than 1 IR on a page and the Wizard prevented me saying "Only 1 Interactive Report can be declared on this page"

I then tired to copy a region that contained an Interactive Report and sure enough I suddenly had 2 IR's on the one page!

Whilst this is probably not supported or suggested, my requirement meant that only 1 IR was to be shown at once (i.e. I had a conditional diaply on both IR)

So if you need to create multiple IR's on the one page but will only display one at run time, copy of a region appears to work!


Odeh said...

nice way of having multiple IRs in one page! can you please show us how/where did you set the conditions?

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Good spot on the workaround for this. This is exactly what I wanted to do too, as I wanted to have a top region with a select list for report names, and the inteactive report for the relevant list choice displaying below. The thought of having the list replicated on multiple pages and the branching etc required to have each interactive report on separate pages would've been more fiddly.

AJ said...

Good insight...but need to go just a little further...if possible:

Any insight would be

Thanks in advance...

OK..2 months into Oracle apex

MY dilemma...

Working on ..print page breaks with multiple reports in one region...regular reports, graphs and/or interactive reports.

CSS & JAVASCRIPT are limited when the page-break-(before or after):always

especially when one of the reports within the region contains interactive reports with dynamic rows.

Question? Is it possible to control multiple reports within a region within one template?

Really, don't have a clue where to start.

Thoughts...possibly create unique tag DIV for each report section and then control breaks (using CSS) based on the specific report within the region. (confused on modifying exisitng reports based on class structure built into apex).

I had a thought of controlling the specific interactive reports using:

NO CLUE OF HOW TO ACCOMPLISH. Any direction for creating special template to wrap each section seperately?

OK...BI publisher isn't the answer I'm looking for...

Anonymous said...

Sweet !!! works perferctly ..
Thanks Conor C

Anonymous said...

Looks like Oracle have "fixed" the workaround in 4.0 :(