Monday, 14 July 2008

Import APEX application via SQL Developer

I will be honest and admit that I have not been SQL Developers biggest fan since it's release a few years ago. Having always used 3rd party products such as TOAD and PL/SQL Developer, I found certain things a little irritating and not overwhelmingly obvious when forced to use SQL Developer.

Recently however, I found an absolute god send of a feature in SQL Developer and that was the ability to import / export APEX applications. This means that the Web GUI for such actions is no longer required.

Very simply, you connect to your parsing schema's database account via SQL Developer, right click on the Application Express tree directory and select Import Application. This opens a simple wizard and off you go.

One other cool feature of this is that you can open the details window and see exactly what your import is doing, something that is not possible when using the web GUI.

Download SQL Developer from: OTN


Anonymous said...

With flashback enabled, you can even export applications or pages that you accidentally deleted:

Duncan Mein said...

Nice article Tyler. I have used the flashback before and it's has saved my bacon more than once!

Simon Gadd said...

Hi Duncan.

Would this be a simple route to performing a 'Runtime Only' installation?


runcsmeduncs said...


This is exacly the reason why I find is so useful as the wizard lets you install and set the application to run only.

Before we had to unlock the APEX workspace to gain access to the workspace log on page, log in and set the APP to run and build, delete the existing app, install the new one, set to run only and then lock the APEX workspace.

It makes installing a new app much easier than having to use web GUI.